GENTHERM Global Power Technologies

Thermo Electric Power Generators are designed for unsheltered operation under the harshest environmental conditions. The solid-state design (i.e. no moving parts) results in highly reliable operation with minimal maintenance.

The power for the lunar landing is supplied by an isotope fueled thermoelectric generator from an earlier 3M prototype.

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Dynalog Electronics Ltd


In regular use in over 49 countries by the world’s petroleum and gas industries, the C-SCAN system evaluates the coating condition of buried transmission pipelines. Using a patented antennae array, C-SCAN gives unrivalled measurements of depth of cover, coating quality and GPS position without physical contact with the pipeline. The non-contact measurement allows surveying over concrete, roads and water with equal accuracy.

The C-SCAN Current Attenuation methodology has been recognised by NACE as an approved method of coating evaluation for transmission pipelines under NACE RP0502 and NACE TM0102. With the included DCAPP program, detailed reports can be generated including pipeline position maps and coating conductance values. Dynalog has a continuing development program and regularly provides free software and firmware updates to all it’s products ensuring that the user benefits from improvements in operation.”

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The company began production in July 1987 and the results verified expectations that the quality was superior manufacturing silicon iron anodes this way. Perfecting the process was very challenging, making it difficult for others to copy, but worth the persistent effort. By 1989, Anotec was producing tubular center connected “Centertec” anodes with unique features, including a tapered connection seat and epoxy sealant retention grooves, which are not available in conventional centrifugally cast tubular anodes. During its first decade, Anotec prospered by focussing on quality products and exemplary service through premium distributors worldwide. Anotec’s immense user list attests to the world-wide acceptance and reliability of Anotec anodes. In 1996, Anotec purchased land and a 15,000 square foot facility in the City of Langley, British Columbia, Canada. The new facility is conveniently located near major highways, rail terminals and the Port of Vancouver, one of the busiest in North America, ideally situated for Pacific Rim and world container trade. In December 1998, Anotec received ISO 9001 certification and has built on it’s Quality Management System over the years while expanding its global reach.

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Design experience covers extreme temperatures, corrosive environments and safety critical applications, and can include ingratiation of the end user/load equipment if required.
SSL leads the market in the supply of Hazardous Area solutions, with fully certified Ex components which include PV arrays, battery enclosures and a range of bespoke charge controllers supplied with multiple data and telemetry options.

In addition to autonomous solar energy solutions, SSL can also supply battery backup systems that provide uninterruptible power supply for AC mains or other power sources where the existing electricity generation reliability and quality is poor or unacceptable.

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