The company has specialized exclusively to combating natures ageing process and reversing the effects of corrosion by a technique called cathodic protection. Since the days of Sir Humphrey Davy, almost 200 years ago, this technique has been developed into a well tried, proven and definitive science and is being widely used to control the ravages of both underground and underwater corrosion.

The broad range of expertise and services offered by the company include education, consultancy, developing ‘corrosion and protection’ schemes at the design stage, surveys, procurement of materials, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and providing up-to-date information and advice.

We bring over 80 years of experience in the business having worked with fertilizer plants, refineries, jetties, LPG storage bullets and oil and gas industries. Our preference is to provide a single source turnkey solution including surveys, engineering, materials procurement, installation, commissioning and hand over of the system.  The customers are assured they will be given the keys to a reliable system that will perform over its lifetime design, generally + 20 years. This experience is also useful in conducting audit surveys where customers are facing difficulties with maintaining a reliable system and where they are facing sustained corrosion leakages in their assets.

Why choose us

We don’t just deliver systems. We deliver value. Our job is to make sure if you spend 1 dollar with us you’ll save 2 in return. If we can’t fulfill this simple rule of good business, we won’t take your project on.

Similarly, we will never offer you a half baked solution or use questionable materials just to make our fees sound more appealing to push the project through.

You may already have a solution in mind but if it doesn’t stack up in our data backed calculations, we’ll push back.

Since most of our business comes from long lasting relationships with our clients, it simply doesn’t make sense to offer you a “solution”.

Since we started 40 years ago we’ve worked with some of Asia’s biggest companies and continue to do so today. So you can relax knowing we’ll still be around when you need help tomorrow.

We have 20 years of academic training to Ph.D. level and decades of on the ground experience in the field giving you direct access to the most comprehensive knowledge there is on cathodic protection.

To date, there is no university or institute of higher learning which is devoted to the development of a cathodic protection engineer. The study of corrosion is multi disciplinary and incorporates not only electrical, mechanical, chemical, petroleum and metallurgical engineering but several of the physical sciences as well. Your solution, therefore, will be designed based on all 80 years of our in-depth knowledge, the latest scientific research and results backed best practices.

If there is a new technology that we believe will provide you results, we’ll use it. We were also the first to bring solar power to Pakistan almost 40 years ago (1979).